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Z Website Questionnaire

    I. Your Organization's Information

    What is the name of your organization?

    How long has your organization served the community, or when was your organization founded?

    Can you describe your organization in a few sentences?

    What sets your organization apart from your competitors?

    Who is the target audience for your organization?

    Does your organization have a tagline/slogan?

    What is your organization's tagline/slogan?

    Who is the Contact Person / Title?

    II. Your Website Criteria

    What action(s) should the user perform when visiting your website? *Check all that apply

    Call youFill out a contact formRequest a quoteSign up for your newsletterFill out a questionnaireSearch for informationOther

    Please specify a date

    III. Website Maintenance

    IV. Website Branding

    V. Insights

    Please list 3 websites you find appealing, and why:
    *NOTE: This does not have to be specific to your industry.

    VI. Web Domain/Hosting

    Please list a couple of Domain names your organization would like to acquire

    Please list a couple of business email address account(s) your organization would like to acquire

    VII. Social Media Presence

    Please insert the URLs of your organization's social media account(s)

    VIII. Multimedia Presentation

    IX. Call to Action

    Do you need any of the following forms on your website?*Check all that apply

    SubscriptionInquiryQuestionnaireContact FormOther

    X. Additional Information

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